Design Process of A Custom Murphy Wallbed

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We have never done a post like this on our design process, so we decided to give it a try. Read on to find our who does all the design work and how a Murphy Bed comes together.

My name is Julie and I’m usually the first person you talk to about getting a Murphy Bed, if there are questions I can’t answer or some custom measurements involved then my husband, Sergio, takes over. Throughout the whole process though, we like to help each other with the design, since we each have our strengths and weaknesses.

Most of the Murphy Beds that we build are considered custom, since the customer has the option to choose the wood, stain or paint, and any other add-ons they want. Sometimes clients will bring in a drawing, a picture, or an idea in their head of what they are looking for and we go from there. I wanted to share a behind the scenes look on how our most recent custom order came together.



We had a couple come in from Oklahoma City with a drawing and sketch of exactly what they were looking for. They live in a one-bedroom condo, with a modern design and wanted something unique and modern that would fit in perfectly in their large living room. The picture they had was from a very high-end Italian company and not something that they could see in person or would be able to have set up for them. Which is why they came to us so that we could create something similar and provide a turn-key installation as well.

We generally start with the most affordable option, so we started with our Manhattan Collection in the real wood and added a desk to it. The real wood option is pre-finish but it can be painted, so if you are looking to save money this would be the way to go. Then we added a side cabinet with adjustable shelving to the left side and 2 large custom, floating shelves to the right. Then we went on to design a custom floating drawer unit, that could be used for storage. They wanted to be able to store records in the drawers so we worked the measurements around the size of the records.




We always like to give our clients all the custom features they want, so here we incorporated LED lights in the bed and the side cabinet, as well as glass shelves for the cabinet. We also added a USB plug in with a custom platform on the headboard. For the handle they chose a very modern recessed one and we used drawer pulls in the matching satin nickel color for the drawers. They chose a bright white paint color for the bed and for a cool, modern pop of color, black paint in a satin finish for the drawer unit.

After we have the design figured out, we go on to calculate the pricing and schedule the install date. Throughout the building process we keep in touch to make sure everything is on track and nothing needs to be changed. Here the customer wanted to add a mattress to their order, so we told them about all of our options and they chose the South Bay foam mattress, which comes rolled up and is light weight enough to easily move when they decide to move out.












Sergio oversees the entire building process and on a very custom install like this, he goes out there himself to make sure it all works out smoothly. Our clients loved how this bed turned out and so did we. Custom orders may not be the easiest, but we love working together with our clients to create them and seeing the finished product come to life

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about our process and feel free to let us know what you think.


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