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Make Your Dog Comfortable

Your dog may be as cute as a button, but the typical dog bed—bulky, obtrusive, matted with fur—not so much. Instead of banishing his sleeping spot to the basement, leave it front and center in your home.  You can buy a pint-size Murphy bed that stows a sleeping pad inside a handsome built-in cabinet. The flat [...]

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Pillows: Why we Need to Invest

Pillows have more effect on the way you sleep than you think. Resting your head on a pillow when you sleep serves two basic functions. A pillow provides support to the sleeper’s neck and upper back when they are resting and they provide a better level of comfort than can be had without a pillow. [...]

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Why YOUR Child Needs a Murphy Bed

What if you could turn your child’s playroom into their bedroom as well? Think about it, this would mean the toys could all be in the same room! A one room clean up sounds a bit easier to control. There’s only one problem, your child wants more space in their room to play in! That’s [...]

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Picking Out the Perfect Mattress

Read over these helpful tips to pick out the perfect mattress for you!   • Do some research! Go online and search for brands and comfort levels within your price range. You want to understand price before you walk into a store.   • Talk to your doctor If you have back problems or any [...]

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Design Process of A Custom Murphy Wallbed

Hi friends, We have never done a post like this on our design process, so we decided to give it a try. Read on to find our who does all the design work and how a Murphy Bed comes together. My name is Julie and I’m usually the first person you talk to about getting [...]

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Make The Most of Your Tiny Condo!

Researcher constructs 230-square-foot home in lab to show future of living (from http://www.metronews.ca) Tim Antoniuk’s prototype tiny condo re-defines what most would consider a ‘cozy' living room. The University of Alberta industrial design researcher has built a 230-square-foot living space in his university lab--including a kitchen, bathroom, sitting area and a fold-down bed--as part of a [...]

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The History of the Murphy Wallbed

Since the late 1800s, Wallbeds have had a place in the homes of those looking for more space without sacrificing their sleeping quarters. Joseph Caputo, who writes for Smithsonian Magazine online,  has backtracked the history of the Wallbed: Inventor William Lawrence Murphy (1856-1957) began tinkering with hideaway beds while living in a one-room apartment in [...]

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Maximize Livable Space with a Murphy Wall Bed

Murphy Wall Beds are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and are a great choice for lofts, studios, or other living arrangements where space is limited. Murphy Wall Beds tuck away neatly when they are not in use so that you can make the most of any area in your home. Investing in [...]

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Updating Your Space within a Budget

Whether you’re renting a space or own your home, it’s important to keep it lively. How do you keep the place you live more lively? You update it to your current taste and preference. Just like your wardrobe, your home needs a refresh every so often. With furniture and various pieces of home décor that [...]

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Studio Living 101

Small living isn’t for everyone, but if you’re in a big city; that’s a different story. Apartments and studios are what you’ll mostly find when you live in a bigger city. The more people that can live in that area, the better for that city. The difference between an apartment and a studio is that [...]

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Have questions about installing a Murphy Bed? Watch this 5 minute video based on our instruction manual!